Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Husbandry and Hope

Today, I'm officially joining some form of blogging unity. The good folks at Heifer International are holding a, "Unite for Hunger and Hope" blogging rally of sorts, and as a fan of their work, I thought I'd offer this morning's post for anybody reading.

If you don't know them, Heifer International paraphrases the old fishing and eating line, and gives folks goats, sheep, cattle, fowl, and quite possibly other domestic animals, as a means to help end poverty and hunger. The idea is that by providing animals that produce milk, eggs, etc., as well as training, they offer sustainable means to providing nutrition.

I created this blog to talk about the connections between folks and nature, and so I often find myself blogging about the effects of acquiring food, or the means. For me (and I'm sure most of you reading this), this is easy enough: we go to the store. But for one third of our world's folks, that just isn't possible. The World Health Organization estimates that over two billion people are starving today. Right now.

Please consider that.

Then, please consider heading over to one of these organizations (or Heifer International) to see if there is anything you can do:

Sportsmen Against Hunger (through SCI)
Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest)
UN World Food Program (to which a great, James Beard-nominated blogger donates an auction prize to each year)

Now, I do not personally endorse or work for any of these organizations, but they have decent track records, and seem to be really trying.


BobJ said...

Jean and I donated for a goat once and I think its a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I think it is so hard for us to understand and comprehend that "right now 2 billion people are starving" because we don't have any sensory experience of this. We don't see these people, not really. We can't hear their voices outside our homes, or smell or touch them. Nor do any of us really ever experience real hunger, much less starvation. Those things just don't exist for us, but supermarkets and abundance do. 2 billion people is a huge number that I can hardly comprehend, but I can comprehend that it is 2 billion people too many that are starving. I think the biggest hurdle for us who live in plenty is to take this meaningless sentence and translate it into meaningful action. In a country that has managed to build security and plenty by the creation and maintenance of the almighty dollar, meaningful action is as simple as making a monetary contribution to feed the hungry. God Bless you Josh, for this post, and for all the great work and research you do.

-Zorro S.

Josh said...

It's always fun to tell a person on their birthday, "I got you a goat...(good pause)... for someone on the other side of the world, who appreciates my gifts!"

Zoro, you make really good points about words into action. That's all we can do, but it isn't impossible. We get overwhelmed by the sadness of it all, sometimes, but like the little girl throwing sand dollars back into the sea, we can help, if just a little bit.

native said...

As a lifetime member of S.C.I. I have been involved with their Sports Men For Hunger program since joining.

I always encourage new to the sport hunters to join as well.

As a nation, the United States has been and is still: The Most Giving Nation on this planet!!

A title which we should "all" be proud of and no apologies needed!

Josh said...

Native, it sure is an honor to have the opportunity to give, and the compassion and love that emerges from a free society is, perhaps, the greatest comment on humanity and freedom.

Josh said...

Also, Native, thanks for your work with Sportsmen for Hunger!

native said...

Sorry Josh!
That was supposed to read Sports Men "Against" hunger.

Up too late and a bit fuzzy!

S.C.I. Life Time Member# 7041 T. Michael Riddle

Josh said...

I couldn't help it...!

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