Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick update on the Delta

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It's always difficult for me to write about Delta issues, because I'm so close to it, emotionally and physically. However, it's important, as our treatment of the Delta has a huge impact on our view of nature and natural processes, and learning just how and where we fit in.

So, some quick notes:
About 60 land owners are banding together in the Delta, refusing to let the Ca. Dept. of Water Resources onto their property. They are gearing up for a legal fight, and good luck to 'em. Personal note: We bought some potatoes and kettle corn from Zuckerman's farmers market stand last Sunday in Sacramento. Good stuff.

Meanwhile, a deal that was agreed to by a number of environmental groups up in Tejon Ranch goes ahead with its development, even though the water it would need may not be available when they are done. That's because it's Delta water. Now, Tejon says it could get water from somewhere else, and I'd like that.

Today I found a website dedicated to developing the idea of a Delta National Park. I haven't read through it all, but I'm intrigued, especially since I'd done some work in that realm for a bit (and came to a slightly different conclusion).

I recommend, for folks interested in Delta issues, Restore the Delta's website for information from a very biased source.

Editor's note: I accidentally published this with the wrong date, so I've moved it forward into its proper place.

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