Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamie Oliver's newest TV show - I'm impressed.

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My wife and I stayed up last night to watch "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC last night, and I must say we were very happy with it.

Yeah, it's got the typical reality-TV production quality, but the people in this one seem real, (if you've never met a lunchroom lady, you have not lived life) and the concept is fascinating.  And relevant to this blog.

Since I'm from a small town in rural Northern California (and one that gets pretty crappy media, when it gets it at all), I completely understand the suspicion that the residents of Huntington, W.Va.  showed to Mr. Oliver.  But it really does look like he just wants these people to eat better.

The saddest to me is that these folks come from a vibrant food culture.  My guess is that this city is made up of the progeny of folks who left the hills of Appalachia, came into the city, and hungered to embrace a modern world.  When packaged food came along, it made people's lives easier, and it came with a stigma for people who still lived in the old ways, I'd bet.  Now, cities like Huntington are full of people who don't have the tradition of taking a little more time to do for themselves. 

I look forward to watching his program, but I have no idea where it's going.

For a very interesting, schizophrenic review, read the Washington Post's job here.  And, don't let the title scare you off - the author ends by saying they are going to keep watching.

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