Saturday, August 1, 2009

A quick note on a possible academic route

© 2009, Joshua Stark

In trying to broaden my horizons, I'm considering writing a piece to try to get published in an academic journal or some such thing (I think I'm finally coming to terms with my stuffy writing).
Right now, I'd like it to be an ethics essay, and I have a couple of directions to possibly take, but the one I'd really like to pursue, I think, is on the concept of animal rights. I have a thumbnail opposition to animal rights, in that I don't think it possible (or therefore fair) for a non-human entity to fully enter into a social contract, and I also think that attempting to grant animals our libertarian form of rights is an immature, and ultimately nature-damaging idea.

So, dear reader(s, I hope), please shoot me some ideas of your own. Is there a particular line of thinking that can support/destroy this idea of mine? Do you know of any good journals to which I should write? Do you think I should write about something else, or stop writing completely, and take up something non-verbal? Let me know.


Gabe Davis said...

If you go after the lets make animals like people crowd you probably won't get published ( I graduated with a BS in Wildlife and fisheries science and wrote some papers for publishing, they would use terms like inflamatory when I wrote about animals as food) but I hope you write it anyway and share it with us.

Albert A Rasch said...

Start with Lomasky has a pretty good argument against animal rights. My friend Brendan, as some interesting arguments for. I think he's wrong, but e sure does a good, honest job of it. I'll get you the link shortly!

Best regards,
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Josh said...

Thanks to both for the encouragement. Albert, I will really appreciate anything you send my way.